Google Finds Dead Man Alive

Google Finds Dead Man Alive

The Guardian Unlimited UK reported that a dead man was found alive with the help of a Google search.

After not returning from a canoeing trip in March 2002, John Darwin was declared dead in 2003 — thought the victim of a tragic canoeing accident.

However, an anonymous tipster who remained skeptical about the whole situation typed in “John, Anne and Panama” into Google, which returned a result of an image hosted by a website with the name Move to Panama. The image showed Mr. Darwin and his wife in Panama City in July of 2006 — four years after his alleged death!

Mr Darwin has now turned himself in to the police and after claiming not to remember the past five years due to amnesia, was promptly arrested on suspicion of fraud.

If you’re planning on getting away for a few days or claiming to be dead for a while, don’t let people take pictures of you and put them on the Internet. That would just be foolish. Wouldn’t it?

Ah, the power of search.