Did you know? Use Google Drive to make CSV files Raven-friendly

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Did you know? Use Google Drive to make CSV files Raven-friendly

Importing with a CSV file is a fast way to get all your data into Raven.

Anywhere you see the Import Data icon in Raven you can upload a CSV file of data. For instance, you can import keywords to Keyword Manager or import links to Link Manager using this method.

But perhaps you’ve noticed people love Raven all over the world? That’s why we only accept CSV file that use UTF-8 encoded data. This standard allows you to upload non-English characters.

If you upload a CSV file that doesn’t use UTF-8 encoding, you’ll see the following error:

"Upload file must use UTF-8 encoding."

If you see this, first run a search to see what settings you may be able to change in your current spreadsheet editing program. You can search for something like “MyProgram 2007 csv UTF-8 encoding”.

If that doesn’t work, you can convert the file to use UTF-8 encoding manually. There are a number of ways to do this including using a text editor, but my favorite way uses Google Drive. Here’s how it works.

Run a CSV through Google Drive to convert it to a UTF-8 encoded CSV

  1. Open Google Drive.
  2. Click Gear Icon > Upload Settings > “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format”. If you don’t do this, Google Drive may convert your CSV file into a text document rather than into a spreadsheet.

  3. Click the Upload Icon > Files and upload you CSV file to Google Drive.

  4. Once the file is uploaded to Drive, click to open it. (If the file was saved as a document rather than a spreadsheet, try steps 2 and 3 again.)

  5. Click File > Download as > “CSV (current sheet)” and save the new file.

  6. In Site > Keywords or Links > Link Manager, click the Import Data icon and upload the new CSV file.

That’s it – your CSV file is ready for Raven!

Know a quicker way to convert? Leave a comment and let me know.

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