Google Chrome: Why?

Google Chrome: Why?

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Google’s Chrome, and many people have now had the opportunity to try it and comment on its potential impact on the browser landscape.

Much of the discussion has centered around how Chrome performs, what features it lacks, and how the interface compares to other browsers.  What has been less discussed is what I believe is Chrome’s reason for being, which is to get the other browser vendors to think outside the window tab box.

Google has developed some incredibly rich interfaces for their web applications.  What we can infer from Chrome is that they have outgrown existing browser technology, and more importantly, their business relies on continuing to extend and enrich the applications they provide.  By rethinking some of the long-standing browser paradigms, then releasing it as an open source proof-of-concept, they are leading by example.

Chrome is not intended as foray into the browser wars.  If anything, it’s a wake-up call to the existing browser vendors, and maybe an opening for some new ones.  “Your Firefox is a hamster and your IE smells of elderberries!”  I anxiously await the next generation of browsers.

  • Jeff Schuette

    Too bad Chrome only runs in Windows.