Google Attempts to Reduce Accidental Clicks on AdSense


Google Attempts to Reduce Accidental Clicks on AdSense

Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped recently reported on a new code/policy change with the clickable area of AdSense ads. In his entry, Google Redefines the Clickable AdSense Area, he stated:

Similar to what Google has been doing with ads in search results, they also now restricted the clickable area in AdSense (the kind of Google ads webmasters can include on their pages). Instead of allowing a click to be triggered in a broad rectangle around the text — which used to include whitespace in that area — you must now click specifically on the underlined title or the colorized URL below the snippet.

It’s expected that some publishers will see a slight hit in their earnings — especially those whose layouts lend themselves to accidental or fraudulent clicks (using positioning techniques near the actual page content). In theory, this should be a welcome change for most publishers and advertisers. Advertisers have the most to gain, because they won’t be losing money to accidental clicks.

The new clickable area consists of title link and the URL link. Whereas, before you could click anywhere inside the ad block and it would constitute a valid click.

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