Video: Google Analytics Traffic To All Content Mini-Tutorial

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Video: Google Analytics Traffic To All Content Mini-Tutorial

Can Raven tell me what content on my website gets the most traffic?

Yes it can!

If you go into the Campaign menu, Google Analytics, then choose content. You’ll see three options. First is All Pages. In the All Pages section, you can see the traffic patterns for all the pages on your website.

We also have our green/red color coding system. Green is for wins. Red represents losses. So you can, at a glance, see which pages are receiving more traffic or less traffic. You can also organize and re-sort all of your columns simply by clicking the top of the column. The column will re-sort into ascending or descending order.

If you want to find which landing pages are getting the most traffic and how much traffic they are getting, go to the Landing Pages section. Remember, you can always go into any table in the Google Analytics section and change the Primary Dimension that you’re looking at, as well as the Table Content.

You can also see which pages most people are exiting. This is a great way to analyze why that might be the case. Is there a pain point this page is not addressing, for example? If visitors leave after a sign-up page, that makes a lot of sense. But, if they are leaving after visiting the home page,  maybe there is something on the page that doesn’t meet their needs.

Use this information as an opportunity to deliver a better user experience.


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