Video: Google Analytics New Table Dimensions

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Video: Google Analytics New Table Dimensions

What are the new table dimensions in Raven’s Google Analytics integration?

I’m so happy you asked.

When you go into the Google Analytics section in Raven, you will see that every section has a line graph with a table below. We now gives you a lot more options as to what dimensions you can have within this table.

First off, you can choose if you want Summary, Site Usage, Any Goals you have set or e-Commerce.

You can then choose your Primary Dimensions, and there are a lot of them! You can choose from the Acquisition section, Behavior, Technology or Users. We’re really excited our Technology options (which was a feature request.) This shows you which browser your visitors are using, for example.

With our color coded comparison data, you can see that Chrome usage has declined, but Firefox for New Users has gone up.

You can also see how many screen colors, what screen resolution, and, most exciting our customers, as this was another feature request, is city information. Here, you will see a Summary of all the Traffic based on the city selected.

Remember, anything that you can see within Raven’s Google Analytics section, can also be reported on in it’s reporting section.

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