Video: Google Analytics Goals Mini-Tutorial

Google Analytics Goals

Does Raven provide data on my Google Analytics Goals?

As a matter of fact, it does!

Go into the Campaign menu > Google Analytics, then click on Goals within the Google Analytics section. You will see a line graph where you can view Goal Completions as well as your Goal Completions compared to the previous period of time. You can turn on or off any of the metrics, just as you can on any line graph in Raven.

We even give you the option of seeing a Goal Completions trend line, providing a quick visual on how your campaign is performing overall.

In the tables section, you will see the Goal Completions location. We also implemented our green/red, win/loss comparison data color coding. Green represents wins and red measures losses.

As with any data available within the Google Analytics section of Raven, you can report on this in the Reports > Report Wizard section.