Video: Google Analytics Advanced Segments Mini-Tutorial

Google Analytics Advanced Segments

Can I implement Advanced Segments from Google Analytics in Raven?

As a matter of fact, yes you can!

Go to the Campaign menu, and navigate to Google Analytics. You’ll see a side menu within Google Analytics. Advanced Segments has its own drop down menu.

The data in Advanced Segments are automatically populated from within Google Analytics. You can choose any one of the Advanced Segments and the metric will be updated for you to view.

For example, you can choose Organic Traffic, and the table as well as the graph will display updated information based on the segment you select.

Advanced Segments are also available as a report along with all of your other data. Just go to the Reports > Report Wizard section of Raven.




  • Sophie Mason

    Hooray for Advanced Segment reports in Raven! Absolutely made my day!

  • Nicolette Beard

    That’s what we said too Sophie. We’re developing an even more powerful tool with 350+ online marketing data points you can report on. So be sure to stop back for an announcement soon!