Google AdWords Location Targeting Preview - Made Easier


Google AdWords Location Targeting Preview – Made Easier

The Google AdWords team recently announced the release of an ad preview tool for location targeting.

The search results and ads are not active, so you can preview at will without accruing impressions or accidental clicks. Best of all, you can refine the results page by adding location attributes and values manually to the URL of the ad preview page. Optional attributes include a target country, longitude/latitude coordinates, regions, and cities. In the U.S., you can also set a target ZIP code or designated market area (DMA).

Although the new tool is useful, it’s not easy to use. In order to make it work you have to manually append special parameters to view ads that are specific to the geographical target. Those parameters are:

Geographical TargetParameter

Country &gl=
Region &gr=
City &gcs=
Latitude and longitude &gll=
Postal code (US only) &gpc=
DMA (US only) &gm=


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