Getting started with Raven’s Site Auditor

Get started with Raven's new website crawler, Site Auditor. Here's what you need to know to start crawling.

It’s finally here – January 37ish, aka the day Raven’s long-awaited Site Auditor is ready and waiting for you to take it for a spin.

As you get started with that sweet audit action, we wanted to answer some questions you might have about our new feature. Check out the FAQ below and feel free to ask any questions we didn’t address at or in the comments.

Where do I find the Site Auditor?

Site Auditor is located under the Site tab in the main navigation.


How do I start an audit?

First, make sure you have the Profile and Website selected for the website you want to audit. Go to Site > Site Auditor and enable Site Auditor by clicking the “enable” button. Then, simply click the button that says “Start Crawling.” Raven will then begin crawling the URL that is set up in your Raven account.


Raven will notify you when the crawl is complete.

Are there crawl limits?

Yes. Every Raven account can crawl up to 1,000 pages per website and up to 10,000 total pages per day.

What if my site is larger than 1,000 pages?

Site Auditor will stop when it hits 1,000 pages. And with every crawl, Site Auditor starts with the home page and crawls its way through linked pages. So if the site you’re auditing is more than 1,000 pages, you’ll get a general overview but won’t be able to receive a full audit.

How long will my crawl take?

Since it depends on the size of the site you’re crawling, your audit time can vary a lot. If you don’t get notification of a completed crawl within 24 hours, let us know.

Can I do something else while Site Auditor is working?

Yup. Site Auditor’s crawls run in the background, so you don’t have to stay on the page. Raven will send you an email and notify you with a message at the top of your screen when the crawl is completed.

Can I crawl any site?

Site Auditor will only crawl the website you’re currently viewing in Raven. You can crawl any site that is not blocked by a robots.txt file, as long as you haven’t reached your daily limit. Trial customers can only crawl one website.

Can I run a report?

Absolutely. Build an instant report by clicking the “Build Report” icon in the Site Auditor tool.


Or build a more comprehensive report by going to the Report Wizard (Reports > Wizard) and choosing the Site Auditor option, which has several modules beneath it. You can add a module for each type of issue that the Auditor crawls, as well as an overall Summary.

Note: until at least one crawl is complete for the website you’re viewing, the Report Wizard for that website will not display the Site Auditor option.

Can I schedule a crawl?

By default, Auditor will crawl your website once a month at the time you start your first crawl. You can change this frequency to weekly, or disable the crawler altogether, in the Settings (wrench) icon. (You can also lower the maximum number of pages to be crawled here.)


Why is Site Auditor still in beta?

Raven is confident that Site Auditor works well. We also know we can’t anticipate every possible use case. That’s why we’re leaving the beta label for now.

We also hope the label will help you feel free to send us your feedback on how Site Auditor is working for you and how it could be even better.

Let us know what you think at or in the comments below.

Courtney Seiter

Listener, storyteller and petter of all animals. Content crafting at Buffer; sharing stuff about social media, workplace culture, diversity and music.

Listener, storyteller and petter of all animals. Content crafting at Buffer; sharing stuff about social media, workplace culture, diversity and music.

  • Dan Cutler

    Running reports as we speak… looks like a great addition!

    • RavenCourtney

      Yeah! Thanks. :)

  • Matt – iQ interactive

    Very powerful, superb addition.

    • RavenCourtney

      Thanks! Glad you’re digging it.

  • Mike Erickson

    Wow. I thought the initial page was helpful…and THEN I clicked on the TABS! Baller App.

    • RavenCourtney

      Mike, thanks for sharing your Site Auditor results with us on Google Plus. Maybe a before-and-after blog post is in order!

  • Dan

    This is a super addition to your tool set, nice job Raven!

    • RavenCourtney

      Thanks, Dan! So happy you like it. :)

  • Jon Guinn

    Very Nice! Is there a plan to go past the 1,000 page limit at some point?

    • RavenCourtney

      Hi Jon! Possibly. Can you email us at and tell us the optimal number of pages you’d like it to crawl? We’re still gathering feedback and monitoring what we can handle, but we’d appreciate your input.

  • Shailendra Dubey

    I like missing GA tag feature more, because it is very difficult to check each & every pages to diagnose GA tags.

    Great feature introduced by Raven, i am exploring more

  • Dusan

    I still don´t see site auditor in raven.. what should I do?

  • tkumarr

    While I using Auditor, previously I have found more than 3k errors and after rectifying those errors now I am getting 5 errors only but getting a message 5 PAGES CRAWLED – JUN 10, 2013 (FREQ: MANUAL CRAWL). What does it mean? is this mean Raven is crawling only 5 pages or notifying errors in 5 pages only?

    Please help me to understand this thing

    • RavenCourtney

      Hey there,
      Can you email us at We can solve your problem much faster there! Thanks!