Getting PubCon Vegas Fever!

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Getting PubCon Vegas Fever!

We can’t wait for PubCon Las Vegas.  The office has been buzzing as the last details are put into place.  It feels a little scary to cross this many things off of my todo list, but I’m also excited about Raven’s Gold Sponsor for PubCon (our first major sponsorship of anything!).  I’m still not sure how everything is going to get from Nashville to the booth.

I’ve been putting together a list of things to take or do for the Vegas trip. This is what I have so far:

Alyson’s PubCon Tips

  1. A light jacket. Who knows it might get chilly.
  2. Breath mints or gum or lip gloss with breath fresheners in it
  3. Favorite hangover remedy
  4. Fake wedding band (if you are a female and don’t want to get hit on)
  5. Cash to tip your drivers
  6. You should probably sign up for twitter already!
  7. An extra pair of clothes just in case

Jon is giving two presentations during the week, one on Tuesday and one one Wednesday.  Trust me, I hear him talk every single day and you will not want to miss these (although I also hear him yodel, opera sing, curse, and groan in misery every day too).

We also have some huge freebies at our booth this year.  So huge, in fact, if I told you, I would have to kill you…  not really, but maybe.  We will have a limited number, and freebies are only given on a first come first serve basis, or if we really, really like you, we may consider saving something for you.

We will have seven members of our team at PubCon.  Both Aliyson’s will be there @RavenAlison and me, @RavenAlyson.  We will both be wearing Raven gear, chucks, and glasses some of the time.  The Raven team will be giving live demos, one-on-one walk-throughs, and hardy handshakes. So if you want to check out Raven in person, make sure to stop by our booth.  If you want to schedule time during the conference to meet with us, just shoot me a message on Twitter (@RavenAlyson) and I’ll make sure we schedule a one-on-one session with you.

We’re also planning on releasing a special promo code, that will include a gift if you use it. We’ll release more details about it during PubCon via our booth and Twitter.

All this to say, we can’t wait to connect with everyone at PubCon.  Please make sure to stop by our booth and introduce yourself!

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