Get lucky with Raven Tools at PubCon

Get lucky with Raven Tools at PubCon
Vegas Prize Packs

PubCon Las Vegas isn’t your average conference.

RavenHunt isn’t your average conference giveaway.

Our popular online scavenger hunt is moving offline for PubCon Las Vegas 2010 from Nov. 9-11. And we built the ultimate Vegas Prize Packs for the ideal conference-in-Vegas experience:

  1. Show up to your sessions on time: Apple iPod Nano and Maratac Nato watch band, i.e., a Nano watch. Confession 1: The ladies and gents modeled these in the office, and, man, these babies are hard to give up.
  2. Hide your poker tells with new shades: $100 gift card to Sunglass Hut. We checked, and there are several locations on the Strip to make your purchase before you shuffle up and deal.
  3. Nurse your hangover in peace: Bose QuietComfort 15 Noise Canceling Headphones. Whether the jet engine noises are coming from your airplane or your snoring conference roommie, you can rest in silence.
  4. Toss your old shirt with the mystery stains: Official RavenHunt T-shirt. Confession 2: the image at right is not the official RavenHunt T-shirt, which is much cooler.

If you win a Vegas Prize Pack you’ll get all four items, a $625 total value.

How to play

You want a chance at the sweet stuff? You gotta work for it. This is no drop-your-business-card-in-our bowl contest.

Step 1: Follow @RavenArienne on Twitter to start getting clues.

Step 2: Pick up a free, official, limited-edition Raven Tools PubCon 2010 poker coin as soon as you can — to win a Vegas Prize Pack, you MUST show one of these. On Tuesday, Nov. 9, @RavenArienne will give coins to the first 20 people to ask for one at each session she attends. She’ll send Twitter messages with her location all day, and she’ll share the final day’s clue for the first Vegas Prize Pack giveaway. On Wednesday, Nov. 10, and Thursday, Nov. 11, if you don’t already have a coin, speed over to the Raven Tools booth in the Exhibit Hall, where we’re giving them away until they run out. Then keep checking @RavenArienne‘s Twitter messages for clues on winning the next three Vegas Prize Packs.

And though winning takes some work, we think odds are pretty good: we’re giving away four Vegas Prize Packs over three days among the 472 or so people who get a limited-edition Raven poker coin. (Somebody else can work out the probability on that.)

For more details and the Terms and Conditions, check out our RavenHunt page.

Good luck! See you at PubCon!