Free Beer at PubCon = Free Access to Raven SEO Tools

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Free Beer at PubCon = Free Access to Raven SEO Tools

Scott and I soon will be on our way to PubCon Las Vegas 2007. We are simple men with a simple need — to obtain cold beer at little-to-no cost. In return for cold beer, we will give the beer provider six months free access to Raven SEO Tools (when we start charging for it — it’s free during the public beta).

Rules of Beer Engagement

  1. One beer — of the beer recipient’s choice — must be purchased for the beer recipient (that’s us and it means we can refuse nasty cheap beer)
  2. If there are two beer recipients (meaning Scott and I are hanging out together), a beer must be purchased for each of us.
  3. If there is only one participant (Scott is lost again), then you may have to buy the recipient two beers (it all depends on how thirsty Jon is).
  4. If a beer is currently being consumed, the new beer must come near the end of that round (because nobody likes warm beer, unless you’re English, like Lee).

Lee insists that he doesn’t like warm beer, but we’re unconvinced.

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