Five Steps to Effective Keyword Research


Five Steps to Effective Keyword Research

Keyword research is an absolute must before you begin an SEO campaign. Targeting the wrong keywords may result in meaningless, ineffective search engine rankings. It can also result in lost revenue due to the inability of a potential customer to find you on a search engine.

Lisa Barone at the Search Engine Guide wrote about the five steps to effective research. Those steps are divided into the following phases:

Five Steps to Effective Keyword Research

  • Phase 0 — Demolishing Misconceptions
  • Phase 1 — Creating the list and checking it twice
  • Phase 2 — Befriending the keyword research tool
  • Phase 3 — Finalizing your list
  • Phase 4 — Plan your Attack
  • Phase 5 — Rinse, Wash Repeat

Additionally, you can you use Raven’s Keyword Analysis Tool to research keywords on competitors’ pages and your own.

The Raven Keyword Analyzer checks a Web page for keywords related to a specific subject

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