Did you know? Filter your links in Raven

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Did you know? Filter your links in Raven

When Raven launched our Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) earlier this year, we also introduced filters — a new way of viewing specific contacts based on certain attributes.

We’re always looking for ways to help you organize your data quickly and efficiently, so when we updated Link Manager a few months later, we brought filters to it as well.

Whether you are part of a team or do your link-building solo, being able to filter to specific links with just a couple of clicks is a time-saver. And if you need to view the same group of links time and time again, you can save your filter for easy access to it later.

Creating filters

Filters can be created in both CRM and Link Manager, but here we’ll work in Link Manager. To begin, head over to Links > Link Manager, click the gear icon at the top of the table, and then click Create New Filter Set.


You’ll see a row of drop-down menus appear. Select the first criteria, and the second drop-down menu will update accordingly. As you make your selections from left to right, you’ll notice the links in the table being filtered to only display those that meet the criteria you’ve selected.


To refine your filters further, click the plus sign to the right of the first row and make additional selections from the drop-downs. To remove a row of filters, click the X to the right of the row you’d like to remove.


By default, a filter set will match all of the filters you set up, but you can change this by clicking the Match Any Filter button.


Saving filters

If you find yourself referring back to the same set of links over and over — if you need to view links by user, for example — you can save your filters. Just click the blue “Save” link on the upper right, give your filter a name, then click “Save Filter Set.”


You can find your saved filter sets under the gear icon.


To delete a filter set, click on it under the gear icon and then click the blue “Delete” link. You’ll be asked to confirm the deletion before the filter set is deleted.


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