Feature Friday: Updates to Link Manager, Twitter, SERP Tracker and AdWords

Feature Friday: Updates to Link Manager, Twitter, SERP Tracker and AdWords

The big news this week was the launch of our new Twitter tool! The tool automatically monitors Twitter accounts, schedules tweets, provides interactive views for the timeline, mentions and your profile views, and also outputs professional campaign reports for clients and managers.

We have several updates to tell you about:


Custom URL Shortener Support

Right after we launched our new Twitter tool, we had a lot of requests for custom URL shortener support. Eager to please, we added support for custom URL shorteners. We modeled it after Atebits’ Tweetie 2, because that method has always worked well.

You can now select Custom from the URL shortener choices. In most cases, all you will need to do is use our example URL, and change the domain name and API key to match your own.

URL Shortening Settings

Tweet Author Attribution

If you have multiple users, the Twitter tool now tracks who posts tweets. It can also show you who the author of a scheduled tweet is. This feature was just implemented, and author’s names will start appearing next to tweet messages for all futures tweets you post from Raven.

Tweet Author

Link Manager

Display Settings

We added the ability to choose which columns to display in the Link Manager table. This is an iterative update. In the near future, we will provide you with the ability to choose from almost every data option associated with link records. You will also be able to control the order in which they appear.

Bulk Actions for Link Monitoring

The Link Manager table now provides bulk actions via checkboxes for adding or removing link monitoring. We are also working on a major update to entire link monitoring services.

SERP Tracker

Competitor Subfolder Support

Raven users have been able to add and manage websites with subfolders for quite some time. Managing websites with subfolders allows you to only view organic ranking that match destination pages with that subfolder or pages nested inside that folder. However, you couldn’t add competitors with subfolders. I’m happy to say that you can now add competitors with subfolders in the Competitor Manager!

AdWords Research Tool

Full CSV Export Support

We updated the AdWords Keyword Research tool to support the CSV export of all of the data we report. In the near future, we wil overhaul the entire CSV import and export functionality. The update will include making sure that all of the data, for all of the tools, can be exported and imported. We are also going to improve how we handle CSV files, making it easier to import and export files without having to edit or reorder the data.

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

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    Hey nice tool..I’m also going to use this tool for my twitter account…

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    Awesome. yet i still cant find the place where you need to change the email address for the link manager.