Feature Friday: The Car Crash Edition

Feature Friday: The Car Crash Edition

It’s been an interesting week here at Raven HQ. Our developers had to take a break from programming to deal with an unplanned outage – more about that in a second. Between dealing with the outage, and working on some major new features, they were able to put the finishing touches on a couple new features. They include aggregate reporting and deeper views into Google Analytics.

Unplanned Downtime

Raven was offline for several hours on Tuesday. The AWS datacenter, where many of our servers are hosted, experienced an electrical problem which caused our servers to be temporarily unavailable; and in some cases rebooted. Here are the details from AWS:

Tuesday’s event was triggered when a vehicle crashed into a high voltage utility pole on a road near one of our datacenters, creating a large external electrical ground fault and cutting utility power to this datacenter. When the utility power failed, most of the facility seamlessly switched to redundant generator power. One of the switches used to initiate the cutover from utility to generator power misinterpreted the power signature to be from a ground fault that happened inside the building rather than outside, and immediately halted the cutover to protect both internal equipment and personnel.

The outage affected all of our database servers, so all Raven users were unable to access their accounts.  The database servers came back online once the outage was over, but application performance was sporadic for the rest of the day while we tested and repaired parts of the database. We are working with AWS, and making changes internally, to mitigate the impact of future outages.  Our priority is providing a reliable service and Tuesday was not our best day, we are sorry that Raven was a source of frustration for many of you. However, be rest assured that we have an extensive data protection plan in place, which keeps your data not only safe, but also thoroughly backed up.

More Robust Google Analytics Views and Reporting

When we first implemented Google Analytics in Raven, it gave our users instant access to traffic numbers, and the ability to report those numbers in a professional, privately branded PDF.

The Analytics dashboard view allows you to see your top five Search Engine Referrals and Other Traffic Sources (among other data points), but until now, you couldn’t report on those metrics or fully view those results. We’re happy to say that you can now view all of your Search Engine Referrals and Other Traffic Sources, as well as report on them via the Report Wizard.

Aggregate Reporting for Agency Accounts

As larger agencies and in-house marketing departments have started to adopt the Raven SaaS for their Internet marketing campaigns, one of their biggest requests has been the need for aggregate reporting.

As of today, we are rolling out new aggregate reporting options. If you have an Agency account, you will be able to run reports that combine data from multiple websites (within a single Profile). The first rollout of aggregate reports include the Link Summary, Link Detail, SERP Summary, and SERP Detail reports.

When you create an aggregate report, it will show you combined website data, and display the website(s) the data is related to. We will be introducing more aggregate reports in the coming weeks.

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