Feature Friday: Report Item Sorting for PDF Reports

Feature Friday: Report Item Sorting for PDF Reports

A lot of the features we’ve been rolling out the last few weeks have focused on our reporting engine. For example, we’ve added:

This week we’re rolling out another reporting update – one that enables the ability to sort data columns in the PDF reports.

Functional Sorting in Rank Checking Reports

When you’re working with the SERP Tracker tool, you can filter all of the available data in just about any way you’d like. If you want to see which keywords are ranking on Page 1, know what keywords are bringing in your most visits, or view keywords that have the most AdWords volume, you can easily sort it by clicking on the header of the column. However, until now, it didn’t carry over into reporting. We realized how important that option was for our users, so we updated the reporting system to support it in a couple of ways.

Sorting in Quick Reports

If you’d like to run a quick report through the SERP Tracker tool itself, all you need to do is sort the data, and then click on the PDF Detail link at the bottom of the page. This will create a quick report with your data sorted exactly like the current view in the SERP Tracker tool.

Sorted Column View

Sorting in Report Wizard

If you’d like to build a more comprehensive report, the same functionality is now built into the “Ranking: Detail” module within the Report Wizard. Inside the report option module, you will now have the ability to sort by:

  • Keywords
  • Google Analytics Visits
  • AdWords Local Search Volume
  • AdWords Global Search Volume
  • AdWords Competition
  • Individual Search Engines

You also have the option to sort in ascending or descending order.

Note: there is currently an issue running this feature with combined reporting. Our developers are working out the kinks and should have that fully operational very soon.

Summer Surprise!

We’ve got a very big, and very awesome summer surprise coming up soon! You will not want to miss it, so be sure to watch this space.

  • Ken Knorr

    Excellent Feature!

  • http://imlr.org Ian Miller


    This is great news, any plans to include the same filtering into the SERPs summary report too?