Feature Friday: Raven Grants Feature Requests Galore

Feature Friday: Raven Grants Feature Requests Galore

Feature Friday has been on vacation the past couple of weeks. We had updates we wanted to debut, but we ran into snafus. Such is the reality of software development.

We have been busy smashing bugs and also working our way through several frequently requested features. Here are the highlights of our latest work:

“Links Assigned to Me” Notification Option

Users have always been able to receive link monitoring alerts for link records. Since Raven is a multi-user platform, designed for link building teams to work together, link monitoring alerts would be sent for any link record, regardless of who was assigned the link. We’ve updated the Notification Settings interface to allow you to only receive link monitoring alerts for link records that you own.

“Events” Now Viewable in Facebook and Twitter Graphs

Similar to how we display events from the Event Manager on the SERP Tracker History graph and the Google Analytics graphs, events are now displayed on the Facebook and Twitter monitoring tools. Events are currently unavailable for the PDF reports, because of the differing nature of their graph types, but we’re working on adding them.

Bulk Action Added to Access Rights Control

The User Manager allows you to control which websites a user can access in a profile. Some users have profiles with several websites in them. We added “Check All” and “Uncheck All” actions to make it easier to manage access rights.

Currency Type for Link Manager Import

We have users all over the world, which means many of our users make payments in different currencies. Many of our users also use the bulk import feature that enables them to bulk upload link records into the Link Manager. We have added the ability to import the currency type for all of the links that are uploaded in bulk.

VAT ID Option for Invoicing

The European Union requires the use of VAT IDs, and we had several requests to allow the addition of VAT IDs to invoices. Customers in the EU can now add their VAT ID to invoices generated by Raven. Also, users can now have their invoices resent to them via email.

Module Refresh on Dashboard

There are two new updates to the Dashboard modules. The first lets you refresh the data in a module. That comes in handy when you’ve made a change to data that’s related to the module, but the module hasn’t populated with the new data yet (which happens once every 24 hours). The second update affects the Add New Module selector. Now, when you add and then remove a module, it will reappear in the select menu without having to refresh the page.

Jon Henshaw
Co-Founder and President

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

Jon is the Co-founder and President of Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

  • http://raventools.com Taylor Pratt

    I’m a big fan of the events update on the Facebook and Twitter tool

    • Arienne Holland

      Me, too. It will be extremely helpful for those who launch social media campaigns with an email newsletter or social occasion or other event.