Feature Friday: Ranking Averages & Twitter OAuth

Feature Friday: Ranking Averages & Twitter OAuth

We’ve put a lot of emphasis on integrating Google Analytics and Rank Checking the last few weeks, and this Friday is no different. The great thing about having all of this raw data is that it allows us to creatively piece it together. We can show you a slightly different take on performance metrics, and also provide you with new insights into your Internet marketing campaigns.

Ranking Averages

Every Internet marketer strives to get target keywords to rank as highly as possible in their campaign.

The SERP Tracker has always provided the ability to see where individual keywords rank, and it’s also allowed you to report on individual keywords. This week we’ve added the ability to see the average rank of all your keywords.

The ranking average displays on the top of the SERP Tracker column, and provides the average rank for all of the keywords you’re tracking and ranking for.

Ranking Average in SERP Tracker

You can also get this data view in the Keywords section of the Analytics tool. If you’re in the SERP Tracker or the Analytics tool, you can filter the view by keyword, and the ranking average will reflect the filtered results.

Twitter OAuth

In preparation of changes being implemented at Twitter, and an upcoming update to our Twitter tool (currently a module in the Persona Manager), we’re changing our Twitter authentication to OAuth. In the future, instead of saving your Twitter credentials within Raven, you’ll now be taken directly to Twitter to authorize access to your account. Here’s what that will look like:

Existing users that are already running the Twitter module on their account, won’t have to make any changes. We’ve already migrated all accounts over to OAuth using Twitter’s XAuth procedure.

Scheduled Maintenance

Just a reminder that we will be upgrading parts of our system this weekend, and that will require us to take Raven offline for a short period of time. We scheduled the downtime for tomorrow at 2PM CST (-5:00 GMT) to interrupt as little of your Raven need as possible. We hope that the main system will be back online by 5PM, and ranking and reporting will follow around 7PM.

The upgrade should improve overall system performance, and hope that it is of very little disruption for you. We’ll be updating our status blog with updates on the maintenance, and if you have any questions or concerns, please drop me a line.

Our summer surprise is coming any day now, so stay tuned!