Feature Friday: Profile Admins, Profile Limits, and Combined SERPS & Analytics Graphs

Feature Friday: Profile Admins, Profile Limits, and Combined SERPS & Analytics Graphs

We have three great new features to talk about this week. The first two features address enterprise-level needs – allowing Agency accounts to better manage their Profiles. The third feature is a continuation of our Google Analytics and SERP Tracker integration from last week.

Profile Admins

Raven allows Agency accounts to manage unlimited websites, and all of those websites can be managed within one profile, or across several profiles. Access to those profiles and websites is controlled by Admin accounts, which have the ability to access any profile and manage all sub-user accounts.

Until now, there hasn’t been a way to create a user that has Admin-like controls, but only for a chosen profile. To solve that problem, we developed the ability to create Profile Admins. Profile Admins have the ability to manage profiles, but only for the profiles that Admins have granted them access to.

The introduction of Profile Admins now provide four levels of access:

  1. Admin (like a super admin)
  2. Profile Admin
  3. Sub-User
  4. Read-Only User (perfect for client access and always free of charge to create)

Admins can make sub-users Profile Admins in the User Manager, by editing the sub-user, and checking the “Profile Admin” checkbox next to the profile they’ve been given access to.

Profile Limits

Coupled with the release of Profile Admins, is the ability for Admins to set limits for profiles. Profile limits allow Admins to control the usage of Profile Admins and sub-users, by giving them the option to set limits for the following items:

  • Research Reports
  • Tracked Competitors
  • Websites
  • Ranking Results
  • Link Alerts
  • Link Records
  • Backlink Explorer Reports
  • Site Finder Reports
  • Social Monitor Searches

Profile limits can be set on the Profile Settings page for each profile.

Profile Limit Settings

Google Analytics Combined with Keyword History Graph

Last week we rolled out Google Analytics (GA) integration into SERP Tracker, and this week we’re taking it a step further by displaying GA data in the keyword history graph. You can now view ranking history for a keyword, and website traffic for that keyword, all on the same graph. You also have the option to display traffic from all search engines, or individual ones. A simple click of a checkbox will turn views on and off.

Keyword Ranking History with Google Analytics

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