Feature Friday: Meh and the Tweese


Feature Friday: Meh and the Tweese

This has been one of those weeks where most of our developer resources were spent on bigger, long-term projects. However, we were able to squeeze out a few updates, albeit minor ones.

Minor Feature Updates

CSV Export for Contact Manager

We added the ability to export all your contact records via CSV.

Although it’s unrelated to this update, we are also working on a significant upgrade to the entire CSV import and export process. We want to make it as easy as possible to import and export data for all of the tools.

Time Zone Settings

We added time zone settings to the Website Settings page. Currently, this only affects the Facebook Wall post scheduler, but it will play a bigger role in future.

More Google Analytics Connections

Many of our customers are power users, and they manage hundreds of websites that utilize Google Analytics. We have several customers that manage well over 500 websites within one GA account. Our system was only showing up to 500 GA profiles, but now it can show up to 1,000 profiles.

New Feature Tease Tweese

That’s right, if it’s related to Twitter, it must have a stupid tweet-related modification to the word. So this week, I present to you a tweese of next week’s New Raven Features.

Comparative Twitter Data

Twitter Comparative Stats

Scheduled Tweets!

Scheduled Tweets

Next week we do to Twitter what we did for Facebook. We’ll also be introducing four new members to the Raven team!

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