Feature Friday: Google Analytics Landing Pages

Feature Friday: Google Analytics Landing Pages

This week we are excited to announce the integration of Google Analytics’ Landing Pages report into Raven. In Google Analytics, the Landing Pages report provides you with important metrics for entry and exit pages, along with a variety of other KPIs.

In Raven, we decided to take this report one step further: you could always drill down in Google Analytics to see what keywords had sent visitors to the landing page, but you can’t tell where your website ranks for those keywords. Until now.

Landing Pages and Rankings

The first thing you need to do is make sure your Google Analytics account is connected to Raven. Once it’s connected, click on the new “Landing Pages” link on the Google Analytics page within Raven. You will now be provided with a list of your top landing pages (ordered by the number of visitors they have received). When you click on the URL of one of your landing pages, you will be able to drill down to how the source of how the visitor got there.

If the source is a search engine, simply click on the name of the search engine. You will see a list of all of the keywords that sent traffic to that landing page from the search engine you selected. If you are tracking the keyword in Raven, the ranking position for the keyword will be displayed. You can also easily add the keyword to the SERP Tracker.

Landing Pages and Referrers

If an external website refers traffic to a landing page, you will be able to look at what pages on the referring domain sent your website traffic. You can quickly add these links to the Link Manager as new active links, or Raven can do that for you if you turn on the auto-import under your analytics settings.


As with all of Raven’s features, you can easily create a report around this data. In the Report Builder, select “Top Landing Pages” from the Google Analytics Report Options menu. You can set the date range for which you would like to pull the data and even compare it to the past. If you would like the report to only include specific keywords, you can add those under the “Keyword Filter” box.

I recommend including any events you have setup in your Event Manager so you can get a better idea as to how they have impacted the traffic for those landing pages.

  • Ed Bisquera

    Hey guys, great feature add! This is definitely a great service for small agency shops and I’m glad I found your site.

    Quick question: Does your keyword research tool/section including functions similar to http://www.KeywordTrak.com ?

    I want to know if I’ll be repeating the services offered by RavenTools if I sign up for KeywordTrak’s keyword research tool.



  • Brighton SEO

    Great! I am trying out your tools, so far so good!

  • http://raventools.com Taylor Pratt

    Ed – Yes, we have very similar keyword research functions. Not only can you research competitors, but we’ve incorporated three different keyword research tools (SEMRush, Wordttracker and the Google AdWords tool) so you can check a variety of data sources.