Feature Friday: Google Analytics Integration into PDF Rank Trending Reports


Feature Friday: Google Analytics Integration into PDF Rank Trending Reports

This week Taylor and I spent a few days at a marketing conference. We had an excellent experience, and got to chat with some great folks while we were there. Back here in Nashville, the rest of the team was hard at work putting the finishing touches on Google Analytics integration with the SERP Tracker and a few other upgrades to the system.

Rank Trending Report Combined with Google Analytics

Your client might be ranking well for a particular keyword, but is it paying off in actual traffic? Following up on last week’s integration of GA into the keyword history page, the reporting system now supports keyword trending reports that overlay GA traffic data with your ranking results.

Google Analytics and Rank Trending Report

Similar to other reports that include graphs in the Report Wizard, you can include any events from the Event Manager that fall within the selected date range of the report.

Events in Reports

Copy a Report

Yesterday we added a feature to help you quickly copy a report. This adds more flexibility to the current options for report building (report templates and scheduled reports), allowing you to quickly copy any report, and run it again with different parameters.

As always, if you ever have a feature request, simply click on the green bug icon, and a bug report and feature request form will appear. Submit your feature request, and we’ll read and consider your request.

Feedback Form

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