Feature Friday: Google Analytics Integration In SERP Tracker

Feature Friday: Google Analytics Integration In SERP Tracker

We have a really great feature that launched today, one that many of you have been asking for. Along with this highly requested feature, the developers have been hard at work on putting the finishing touches on another big feature that we’ll share with everyone next week.

Google Analytics View in SERP Tracker

When we first gave you the ability to pull in your Google Analytics data into Raven, the main reason for doing so was to give you the ability to compile not only your Raven data together but also analytics in one branded report for your clients. As we moved forward with Google Analytics integration, we realized that there was an amazing amount of data there that we could mesh with other portions of our tools to give you extremely robust information about site performance and what keywords were actually driving traffic.

As of today, you can now see Google Analytics data alongside your ranking results in the SERP Tracker. You will be able to see monthly visits to your website from any keyword you are tracking, as well as a daily trend graph for that month. The data is rolling and represents the last 30 days of information from Google Analytics. This will also be available for you to include in reports, both from the SERP Tracker itself, and any reports you build in via the Report Wizard.

To view this data, all you need to do is click on “Display Settings” and select which column you’d like to see, or both.

Export Ability Of Google Analytics Data

You’ve always had the ability to export certain data sets from Raven, including information from the Link Manager and ranking numbers from SERP Tracker. We’re extending this ability to give you export access to Google Analytics data in the following sections: Keywords, Referrers, Search Engines, and Other Sources. The export will include the data that you see in each particular section of analytics.

Even More White Labeling Ability

Our Pro and Agency users have many white labeling features to remove Raven branding from the tools and include their own. Our Agency users can take this one step further by pointing Raven to their own domain to completely erase all traces of Raven from the system. In the past, when an Agency user was utilizing their own domain, we would mask any outgoing links from Raven with our own domain for privacy purposes, however, this briefly revealed the Raven domain to the white labeled users. To combat this issue and to keep the system 100% white labeled for those who are using their own domain, we’ve started using anonymous-redirect.com for all outgoing links from the system. This ensures that the Raven brand is completely removed for those who desire it to be so.

One last reminder that our Nonprofit Jumpstart nominations are coming to an end next week, so get those nominations in soon! Also, another friendly reminder about our fun iPad giveaway.

  • Marty Martin

    You-all are rockstars. This is awesome! Anything that saves me from having to look back and forth is a huge improvement. How wonderful, thanks!

  • Joel

    Absolutely a great find. The feature sounds to be great. Raven tools are really great and easy to use tools that make our SEO work more simpler. Thanks a lot for the information. Keep posting more and help us with such new findings.
    My best wishes to you.