Feature Friday: Enhanced Link Building Reporting


Feature Friday: Enhanced Link Building Reporting

While our development team works tirelessly on rolling out some amazing new features, like the recently launched Site Finder, they’re also constantly making small tweaks to the system, many of which come from feature requests. These updates include tweaks made under the hood (things you probably won’t notice), to new features inside an existing tool.

We realize that as our tools evolve (literally) on a daily basis, we need to communicate those updates to our users. So beginning every Friday, we will be highlighting the updates we’ve made during the week. We’re hoping this will not only keeps our users apprised of what’s new in the system, but will also help our users fully utilize our Internet marketing tools. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

Additional Filters for Link Management Reports

When compiling a monthly link building report, the reporting system displays changes to link records within a specified date range. That means if a link record has the status of Requested and Active during the same month, our system will report the same link record for both statuses. It’s by design, and is intended to show the complete effort made during a link building campaign. The reporting system will also include link records that were Requested or Active during a report’s date range, even if the link has become Inactive after the report’s date range.

While the reports are technically accurate, in that they report on a link record’s status during the specified timeframe, there can be problems when creating reports for clients. For example, it can be confusing for a client to see a report with the same link specified as Requested and Active. The same is true for a link that is designated as Active, but is now technically Inactive.

To alleviate this confusion, we added two new report options for the Link Summary and Link Detail reports. The first option checks to see if a link record – within the report’s date range – was Requested, but turned Active. If it was, it will only include the link record once, as Active. The second option checks to see if the link record has become Inactive. If it has become Inactive after the report’s date range, it will exclude the link record from being included in the report.

These options are available in the Link Manager and Report Wizard.

Link Report Filters

Side-By-Side Competitor Reports for the SERP Tracker

When you view keyword rankings in Raven’s SERP Tracker, you have the ability to compare side-by-side ranking details with your competitors. However, if you wanted to create a side-by-side custom PDF report, you couldn’t do it.

We had a lot of requests for this feature, and we’re excited to announce that the reporting system now supports side-by-side competitor reports for the SERP Tracker. When you run a Ranking Detail report in the Report Wizard, you now have the option to choose a competitor to include next to your own website in the report. You can also do this within the SERP Tracker tool itself, by scrolling to the bottom of the page, selecting a competitor from the select menu, and then running a PDF Detail report.

Side-By-Side Competitor Rankings

AdWords Data for a Modified Locale

When you change the AdWords locale (language or country) in the Website Settings, the existing AdWords data for that website’s keywords will be cleared out, and new data will be loaded within an hour.

AdWords Website Settings

SERP Numbers

If you run a lot of ranking reports, you’ll notice that we made a tweak to the number and arrow display (because, you know, it’s the little things!).

Rank Change Arrows

Be sure and check back with us every Friday for the week’s feature updates, tool tweaks, and anything else new that we’ve added.

Alison Groves is the User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools. She helps make the things that make dreams take flight. She likes sports, yelling, and yelling at sports.

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