Feature Friday: Bulk Link Import with Custom Types

Feature Friday: Bulk Link Import with Custom Types

This week our developers have been hard at work on a number of upcoming features, including some internal administrative features that are going to help us better manage accounts and support. In between the larger, long-term projects, we were able to update the system with the following features.

Changed Reports to Use Website Description

One of the neat features of Raven is that you can manage sub-sections of websites. For example, if you want to only focus on section of your website, like domain.com/category/ or domain.com/uk/, you can add it with the full path as a regular website. Then, our system will only look at data related to pages located inside that section. That means if you go to the SERP Tracker to check your organic search engine rankings, it will only display results for that path and below it, and will ignore all other results for the site.

This feature has been used a lot by our users, especially since we allow the management of unlimited websites for Pro and Agency users. However, sometimes a website path can be really long. If it’s too long, it can break how it appears on the header of the reports. We implemented a fix for this problem, by having the reports display the website description, instead of the full path. The description can be changed on the Website Settings page, located from the Dashboard menu.

Change Website Description in Website Settings
The website description will then replace the domain path in the reports, on the header.

Report Example
Another related change we made to the reports was to shorten the number of characters used in the PDF file names. PDF file names now only use 64 characters or less.

Bulk Import Now Supports Custom Link Types & Website Types

While Raven users have always been able to bulk import link records into the Link Manager, until now, they haven’t been able to import new, custom Website Types and Link Types. As of today, users that have Admin access can now include custom Website Types and Link Types in their CSV files.

Bulk Import of Link Records
As a reminder, Raven also supports the ability to manually add custom Website Types and Link Types to the Link Manager.

Links Added from Backlink Explorer Are Now Set to Active

The Backlink Explorer was created to assist users in doing research on sites that link to your site or a competitors site. Many users utilize the tool to pull in their existing backlinks into the Link Manager. Since the tool was written for research purposes, it would add links to the Link Manager with a status of Queued, even if if the Backlink Explorer report was for your own domain. We realized the tool should be pulling in backlinks for your own domain with a status of Active, so we fixed it.

You can take this one step further and turn on link monitoring for all of the Active links in the Link Manager, and always be up to date on the health of your links.

Be sure and check back with us every Friday for the week’s feature updates, tool tweaks, and anything else new that we’ve added.