Good news for brands on Facebook: Get Notifications and Pages feed

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Good news for brands on Facebook: Get Notifications and Pages feed

Your fans love you on Facebook. You post great content, host lively discussions and make sure you stay involved in your page.

So why are you seeing a decrease in the number of fans your posts reach?

While a brand’s posts are never seen by 100% of its audience, recent tweaks to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm combined with the new option to pay to promote posts have brands on Facebook up in arms.

Now it seems Facebook might have heard the cries of the poor fan page administrator. Two new developments rolling out now could help brands reach more fans – but both involve a bit of fan education. Let’s look at both.

Get Notifications

The most promising is a new “Get Notifications” option. When this option is checked for a page, users will see a red notification alert at the top of their page each time the brand posts.

Want to get your posts on your fans’ short list? Ask them to hover over the “Liked” button on your profile and click “Get Notifications.”

We’ve detailed the process below in the instructional image below. Feel free to post this on your own Facebook Fan Page!


The flip side: After trying this out for myself, I can see how it could get overwhelming for fans to get these notifications, particularly if you follow lots of brands.

If you go this route, the pressure is on to make sure each of your posts is amazingly engaging. Know that little thrill you get when we see the Facebook notification because it means someone wrote to you or commented on your post? Make sure whatever you post can equal that. Every time.

Pages feed

Another development in the works at Facebook would allow users to toggle to an alternate view in their timeline to see posts from Pages only.

Pages feed
image from AllFacebook

While not everyone can see this option right now (including me), you can get an idea of what the Pages Feed would look like by viewing Facebook through this link:

Fans who feel they’re missing out by not hearing from all the brands they like could find this to be a great low-maintenance solution.

The flip side: We can’t yet encourage fans to check this option out since it’s not widely available. But if it rolls out fully, it remains to be seen whether fans will remember to switch over to this view outside of their news feed – or even if they’ll want to do so.

For fans that do navigate to this view, they’ll see all the brands they like in one space – meaning pages will be directly competing against one another for fan attention. Once again, the challenge is to make sure your content stands out in the crowd.

The bottom line

The underlying theme for both of these options is clear: the content that brands post has to thrill fans and make them want to like, comment and share. Make sure you pass this test, and you’ll have a much clearer path to success – no matter what Facebook throws at you.

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