Everything In SEO Has A Purpose


Everything In SEO Has A Purpose

“Lets build a web site.”

“Okay, but we need to make it look good!”

“We also need to be able to find it on the search engines!”

“Then lets consult every resource we can and follow all their lists without question, then we’ll have guaranteed success!”

Search Engine Optimizers will often scour the Internet looking for new techniques and tips that they hope will lead them to search engine success. As good as some of those resources are, it’s beneficial to understand how those techniques and tips will impact a website, before putting them to good use.

In a recent article on Search Engine Land, Jill Whalen explains that without knowing the ultimate reason for doing something, it doesn’t get done properly. According to Jill, everything done in SEO has a purpose — that purpose is to not deceive search engines into thinking what we want them to think, or to return visitors to a site that doesn’t fit their demographic. The purpose is to think like the average person (so they can find the site) and equip the site with valuable content so they (and the search engine bots) will want to return.

As search engine specialists, we sometimes jump ahead of a plan before it’s been fully thought-out and realized. If we take the time to understand the purpose of a site and the purpose of the content, we can then create a more solid search marketing strategy. Sometimes, a little common sense and understanding goes a long way.

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