Enter our Best Business Shorts photo contest! Grand prize worth $1,200+!

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Enter our Best Business Shorts photo contest! Grand prize worth $1,200+!


UPDATE: We’ve announced the winners of our contest, come see pictures of our winning short wearing submissions!

Shorts are comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you’ll work faster.

Raven’s company dress code is “Business Shorts,” and that tells you a lot about why we’re able to launch so many new features so quickly—not to mention the good company our shorts-friendly dress code puts us in, according to MSNBC.

Are shorts part of your workday wardrobe? What’s your best-looking pair?
Enter Raven’s Best Business Shorts Contest today for a chance at a grand prize worth more than $1,200! Plus, for every entry—and vote!—Raven will donate $1 to Career Gear, a nonprofit that helps men in need get jobs, up to $5,000. Help us reach our goal!


You can read more on our Best Business Shorts Contest page, but here’s the, ahem, cut-off version:

How to enter

Submit one photo of yourself dressed in your idea of “Best Business Shorts,” and write one sentence explaining when and why you wear them. You should be able to wear shorts to work. No, it doesn’t matter if your office is home-based, but we’re on the honor system here. Have some fun!

Grand prize

Second- and third-place prizes

  • $50 gift card to buy more shorts (or other business attire) at your choice of Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy or Kohl’s
  • A three-month subscription to Raven Internet Marketing Tools, Pro version

Submit your photo—and vote!—in the Best Business Shorts Contest today!

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