Embrace the Conversation


Embrace the Conversation

If there’s one thing I covet more than anything these days, it is AT&T’s UVerse installed in my home. Who wouldn’t want all of that fiber bandwidth pumping into their house for unlimited HD options and awesome internet speed? I know it is close too. Neighbors are having it installed every day. The AT&T trucks are constantly working on adjacent streets. So where is my UVerse, AT&T? Never have you had someone more ready to shell out $100+ a month for your service, yet you are nowhere to be found.

By now there is no brand, Fortune 500 or not, that can afford to not be listening to the conversation. My five or so tweets about wanting UVerse should’ve been immediately met with a rep from AT&T keeping me posted on rollout progress in my neighborhood. With word of mouth now spreading at exponential speeds, there is no reason to not be completely engaged in the conversation surrounding your brand full time, especially if your competitor is participating in the space. The chatter will happen whether you are participating or not, so why not hop on board? Is it because there is too much corporate red tape? Does no one at your company fully understand how to participate? Or do you just really not care?

Whatever the answer to those questions may be, there is absolutely no excuse to not be smack in the middle of the discussion about your brand. The channels of marketing have changed forever, and if you don’t quickly adapt and move along with the flow, you will be left behind in the wake of your competition. The power of community is an amazing thing to behold, and if you jump in and participate, the benefits will far outweigh the drawbacks. I may just be one customer, but there are millions like me out there just waiting for you to find with the push of a search button.

And hey AT&T, I can be found on Twitter with the user @alisongroves. Feel free to send me a reply so we can set up an install.

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Alison Groves was the former User Evangelist for Raven Internet Marketing Tools.

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