DriveSavers Now Supports Data Recovery for iPhones


DriveSavers Now Supports Data Recovery for iPhones

Sad iPhoneMy favorite company for recovering hard drives, DriveSavers, now supports data recovery for the iPhone. I first wrote about DriveSavers back in May, 2006. They did an amazing job recovering my Macintosh hard drive after going through a horrible ordeal with another hard drive recovery company.

In their release, they discussed some of their experience and success working with iPhone hard drives.

Solid state drives (SSD)—built into iPhones—use less power, run silently and are more resistant to shock than common hard drives. However, this technology can also be compromised by user error, mismanagement and software or hardware failure. Last year, DriveSavers successful completed recoveries on a number of iPhones that lost data because of either deleted files or corrupted file systems.

As always, if you ever have a hard drive fail, whether it be an iPhone, Macintosh or Windows hard drive, I highly recommend using DriveSavers for your data recovery. They gave me a special code that will give anyone 10 percent off their services. All you have to do is call them at (800) 440-1904 give the salesperson this code DS16990 and they’ll give you a 10 percent discount off your order.

DriveSavers Data Recovery for iPhone

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  • Alexander

    Hello! i got an Iphone and accidently removed some pic i really need. are they any programs i can recover my deleted things on my iphone ( Pictures )plsz really need help here.