Did You Know: Does Raven Support My Country?

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Did You Know: Does Raven Support My Country?

We have Raven users from all continents (except Antarctica). So customers not in The States, where Raven is based, often want to know whether Raven will work as a solution for their country and language.

The answer, for the most part, is: yes!

Raven pulls in data from tons of different data partners. Some support a certain set of countries and languages such as AdWords. Some partners, such as Scribe only focus on English. Other data partners, such as MajesticSEO don’t have country silos, but rather crawl as much of the web as they can.

So ultimately you’d want to sign up a trial account if you’re not already using us and see if our platform has the primary features you need. Only you’ll know if it’s a good overall fit.

Here are the two places I’d start, though:

1. Campaign > Campaign Settings


Go here to set your preferred language and country options per campaign. Tools such as Research Central will pull data based on your selection. Also, you can select your preferred time zone and currency here.

2. Reports > Wizard

In the Report Wizard, there is not a way to get rid of all the English text. For instance, English descriptive text will appear in many reporting modules. However, you can include your own text in any reporting module. Just click the summary link and get to it.

summary text reporting module

Additionally, if you have a report that will include non-English characters (say you’re doing some link building in Hebrew or Korean), then scroll to the bottom of your report and set the font to alternative. This will make sure Raven uses a broader character base to build the data in any tables in the report.

These are the places to explore first to see the versatility of Raven when it comes to non-English data.

We’re always looking for ways to improve Raven, so let us know what you’d like to see next!

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