Do-It-Yourself Reputation Monitoring with RSS


Do-It-Yourself Reputation Monitoring with RSS

With more people using the Internet everyday, it’s becoming commonplace that someone is talking about you or your business, without you knowing about it. Because of the rapid nature of the Internet, monitoring your reputation online has become an essential task for any marketer and PR person. This need has also introduced new services like, Trackur, which automate your reputation monitoring.

If you’re not ready to start paying for a service, you can get your hands dirty with free services that aggregate results into RSS feeds. Then you can subscribe to those feeds and track them using a RSS news reader, like NetNewsWire.

RSS Feed Resources for Reputation Monitoring

Search engines offer some of the easiest and best ways to monitor reputation. All of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Live) provide some way to get RSS feeds that mention your name, company and/or products. They include:

You can also monitor blogs and micro-blogs (like Twitter) using services that spider and aggregate blog entries. Popular sites include:

And don’t forget about images. An excellent way to keep track of pictures floating around the Web is to track them on popular sites like Flickr Search.

When you create alerts and search results on these sites, they will provide a related RSS feed. Simply subscribe to these feeds in your news reader and easily monitor what people are saying about you. However, when you’re ready to graduate to something more advanced — like the ability to monitor many more services, fine tune results with fiters and receive automated updates via email — consider checking out a reputation monitoring service like Trackur.

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