Did You Know? You can white-label, brand in-tool reports

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Did You Know? You can white-label, brand in-tool reports

White labeling with your own branding is a powerful feature in Raven, and can make for some snazzy reports generated in the Report Wizard. And if you ever need to run a quick report directly within a particular tool in Raven, don’t worry—you can control the branding on those as well.

First you’ll want to set up a brand template, which is done at Reports > Brand Templates. Select the green “Create a new template” button and make your selections for the header, colors, footer and SERP Tracker sections.

At the bottom, designate whether the template is available for the website, all websites on the profile or globally available across the account.

Brand Reports in Raven

Back on the main brand template page, find the template that you want to use for all of the one-off reports run from within various tools in Raven and click the “Make Default” link.

Branding Reports in Raven

Going forward, when you build a report from within a tool—SERP Tracker, for example—the report will be branded using the template you designated as the website default.

Note: If you add a new website to Raven and do not create and designate a default brand template for it, in-tool reports will default to the brand template you have set as the profile default. If you haven’t selected a profile default, the reports for the new website will use the default account brand template.

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