Did you Know? Update Link Records with a CSV file

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Did you Know? Update Link Records with a CSV file

Not too long ago in Raven’s Link Manager, there wasn’t an easy way to update link records in bulk. Any duplicate link was added again because all links were treated as new links. 

But today you can easily update any link record simply by using a CSV file. Duplicate links you add there are seen as an intentional update of an existing record. (To avoid duplication and update the link record in question, the website URL and the destination URL need to exist in the Link Manager.)

Here’s how to update those Link Records.

1. Identify the links that you want to modify. In this case, we want to change the anchor text and the link type of several of these link records.

2. Export the link records using the Export Data icon at the top of the screen.

3. Open the file we exported and make the necessary changes. We won’t make any changes to the Website URL and Destination URL fields – if those are changed, a new link will be created. We can update our links as long as those two fields are exactly the same as the existing link record.

4.  Using the Import Data icon (right next to the Export icon), locate the file with the new updated link information and click the Upload Links button.


5. You’ll see a confirmation screen upon uploading your file with a message at the top of the link table indicating that the links have been imported. They are greyed out because they already exist in the system. Select your links using the checkboxes and click on the “Confirm and import selected links” button.


6. Raven will automatically redirect you to the main Link Manager view. As you can see, our link records have been updated with the new link type and anchor text. Easy as pie!


Link building made easier. It’s what we do at Raven. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

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