Did you know? How to hide link types

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Did you know? How to hide link types

When you’re dealing with lots of links, it pays to have a system. That’s why Raven’s Link Manager gives you lots of flexibility. You can create and customize link statuses, link types and website types to fit your process.

When you’re not using a link status, link type or website type, you may not want to see it in the Link Manager anymore. If it’s a type you’ve created, you can simply delete it. But if it’s one of Raven’s default types, you can hide it instead. Let’s go through the process of hiding link types so you can see what I’m talking about.

How to show/hide default link types

1. From Link Manager, click the Customize Tool icon.

2. Click the gear icon next to the link type you want to hide. Once you have clicked Hide, the displayed status will change from Visible to Hidden.


Once a link type is hidden, the system will still show those links, but the link type will show as N/A.

To make the link type visible again, follow the same process and simply click “Show link” from the gear icon drop-down menu.
How about importing a CSV that contains link types that are hidden?

If you hide certain default link types, they won’t show on import. Let’s look at an example:

From our link type setting we are going to hide “Blog Comment”.

Here is the CSV file we’re going to import to Link Manager. Note that the last link in the file has the link type set as “Blog Comment” – our hidden link type.

When importing the CSV file using the Import Data icon, this is what Raven will display.

Once  confirmed, the link type originally assigned as “Blog Comment” will now display as “None” in the Type column.

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