Did You Know? Find out who's really reading your reports

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Did You Know? Find out who’s really reading your reports

One of the features that really sets Raven apart from other Internet marketing platforms is the ability to create white-labeled reports on data from almost every tool in the Raven toolset.

You can set up the reports to run automatically at whatever frequency you like, and you can even have Raven automatically e-mail them to any number of recipients with either a PDF attachment or a trackable download link. The trackable download link is a great way to keep track of which team members, clients or managers are actually looking through the reports you are sending out to them.

To send a report via e-mail with a trackable download link, simply create a new report using the Report Wizard. Check the box next under the Schedule section of the Report Details, and then check the box under “E-mail this report.” By default, a trackable download link will be included when the report is sent out at whatever date and frequency you’ve set up.

Scheduled Report Setup

To see who has downloaded the report via the link that was e-mailed, click the “Show scheduled report history for [Profile Name]” link under the Scheduled Reports header. There you’ll find a table that lists all of the scheduled reports that have been sent and the number of people who have downloaded them.

Report History

Click on the download count to view a Detail view of which recipients received and downloaded the report.

Report Detail

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