Did You Know? Re-Authorizing your Google Accounts

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Did You Know? Re-Authorizing your Google Accounts

We recently alerted all Raven account owners and subusers about the need to re-authorize your Google accounts in Raven.

Google Analytics and Google AdWords have updated their APIs to include more, better metrics, and Raven is switching to those APIs to to provide you with more data.

The catch? The upgrade requires that you once again give Raven permission to access your Google accounts, even if you’ve already done so in the past.

We’ve added some special instructions to your Raven Dashboard – account owners and admins will see the Google re-authorization dashboard – so all you’ve got to do to re-authorize is log in to your Raven account and follow the steps there.

Here are a few tips if you run into any trouble.

Each Google account must be re-authorized individually.

Using the Dashboard module, you will need to re-authorize each Google account. If you have 50 websites authorized under one Google account and 20 websites authorized under a second Google account, this means after you re-authorize the 2 Google accounts, you’re done.

Raven will give you a green checkmark for each successful re-authorization, like so:


Make sure the email matches exactly.

If you can’t get a green checkmark for an account, make sure the email listed is the exact same email address you’re authorizing.

Here’s what the dashboard looks like. In this example, the Raven user has one Google account. (You may have several.) Pay close attention to the email address.

step one

After clicking the Re-Authorize button, make sure you are authorizing the Google account that matches this exact email address. You may have to click the account photo to see the email associated with it, or it may appear like this.

step 2

If you can confirm it’s an exact match, click continue.

What if your email account has changed?

So what if your Google email account has changed? For instance, maybe it was analytics@raventools.com and now it’s ravenanalytics@gmail.com because a @gmail.com account is now required for some things.

No worries. In this scenario, email support@raventools.com with both the old and new email address and we’ll make a change in your account so you can re-authorize this account with your new email address.

Can’t Raven do this for me?

We wish! It would make things simpler for you and for us. But you’re the only person who can grant third-party software access to your Google accounts, and that keeps your Google data secure. It’s a good thing.

Still need help?

If you run into anything weird, email us at support@raventools.com with what you come across! And thanks for making these clicks for us. It will allow us to offer great new additions to Google data in the future.

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