Did you know? Sync your Scribe account in Raven

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Did you know? Sync your Scribe account in Raven

With Raven’s new updates to Content Manager, users are now able to use Copyblogger’s Scribe 4 content analysis tool to help figure out exactly what their work is missing.

Not only does Scribe automatically figure out your keyword density and prominence for the most SEO-friendly articles you can manage, it also hooks you up with overall content metrics like Site Score, Document Score and Readability Score. All of that data goes toward creating blog posts and other content that balances SEO with copywriting best practices.

Like our Backlink Explorer and Site Finder tools, Scribe has a monthly usage limit based on your paid tier of Raven: 20 for Pro users and 50 for Agency users. Of course, if you need to analyze more content, you can always pay an overage fee of $0.27 for each additional analysis.

But, if you’re already a Scribe user, you have an even better option. Did you know that you can bolster your Scribe usage in Raven by syncing your accounts?

  1. Log into Raven and navigate to Content > Content Manager.
  1. Notice the usage number at the top of the page? That’s your current Raven usage.
  1. Click the “Scribe API” icon to change the API settings for your account. This is where you enter your API key.
  1. Click save and you’re now using your Scribe Evaluations to run analyses in Raven.

Here’s the really handy part of this process: you can use both Raven’s usage and your Scribe Evaluations to get the most use possible out of Scribe.

So, for instance, let’s say that I use 15 of my 20 analyses in Raven. I can then pop in my API key for Scribe and use some of my Evaluations allowance. If I’m running low on those, returning to my Raven usage is as simple as clicking the “Scribe API” icon again and choosing the “Stop Using Scribe API” button. Now that’ve switched back, I’m back down to my five remaining analyses on my Raven account.

Keep in mind that your Raven usage is reset monthly. So, if you run 20 analyses in November, you’ll get 20 more in December. And, if you don’t have a Scribe account, you can always do additional analyses at the cost of $0.27 per unit.


P.S. Want to learn more about making the most of your new Scribe access? Copyblogger is holding a free Scribe webinar Oct. 30 at noon Eastern.

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