Did You Know? Setting link benchmarks

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Did You Know? Setting link benchmarks

If you’re starting a brand-new link engagement with a client (or even for your in-house gig), you can easily benchmark their current backlink profile and tag it with “benchmark”, “archive” or any other custom link type.

This is a Raven tip shared by Rhea Drysdale of Outspoken Media, who said, “We love to pull in archived link data for clients and label them ‘archived,’ so we have a baseline of where they started before us.”

You can pull in archived link data in two ways:

  1. CSV import
  2. Yahoo Site Explorer backlink import

Keep in mind that the Yahoo Site Explorer import feature is limited to 1,000 backlinks. You can upload as many links as you’d like via CSV, however. For details on how to import links, check out the Raven Knowledge Base article on the Link Manager.

Custom Link Type

To create a custom link type, just open up any link record and click the “Add New” link by the Link Type drop-down menu, or scroll to the bottom of the Link Manager and click the “Custom Link Types” link in the Link Manager Settings.

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