Did You Know? Search Twitter for New Contacts Within Raven

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Did You Know? Search Twitter for New Contacts Within Raven

When working in social media, you need to have some kind of strategy for connecting with the right people. Otherwise, you might find yourself shouting into the void at no one in particular.

Unless throwing your posts into the vast chasm of space is your “thing,” chances are pretty good that you’re wanting to engage a specific group of people who might be interested in your product, or influencers who can spread the word about your product.

The question is, how do you find those Twitter users?

One solution is to search Twitter for possible influencers and followers using key words and phrases for your industry.

But with Raven’s Twitter integration, you can take it one step further. Not only can you search for tweets and users directly from Raven, but you can add them to our CRM quickly and easily. Instant relationship building strategy!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Navigate to Social > Twitter.
  2. Did You Know: Twitter Search

  3. See the search field at the top of this page? Enter your search terms here. Let’s say we’re interested in photography podcasts.DYK-TwitterSearch-2
  4. On this page, we’ll show tweets mentioning those two words by default. If you’re more interested in people who mention your search terms in their biography, click the People button.
  5. DYK-TwitterSearch-3

  6. See someone you’re interested in? Click Follow to start following them directly.
  7. If you want more information about a particular person, click the down arrow icon to see their profile, recent tweets and contact information (if you’ve added them to the CRM.DYK-TwitterSearch-4
  8. Want to get to know this person better and keep track of them? Tab over to the Contact section and click the Create Contact button to automatically create a Contact, bringing in their name, Twitter account and profile image.DYK-TwitterSearch-5

Rinse and repeat as desired. From here, you can reach out to new people, engage in conversations, retweet and favorite tweets, create lists or add people to lists and everything else you can do in Twitter.

You can also save important searches and come back to them as needed.

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