Did you know? Reporting with Raven's new Link Report module

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Did you know? Reporting with Raven’s new Link Report module

Ever since the link reporting module in Raven’s Report Wizard got a big makeover, Raven users have many (and I mean many) options to report on, which is totally awesome if you ask me.

Some of the added and improved features include:

  • The ability to organize your links by Link Status, Website Type, Link Type, Link Owner, Tag or Paid Links.
  • Expanded link status reporting. No longer limited to Requested, Active and Inactive! You can not only report on custom link status but also add multiple link status in the same report. Simply make your selection from the drop-down menu to add.
  • Reportable custom link types and website types. You can also add more than one link type or website type to the report by just selecting any of the options available on the drop-down menu.
  • Reports that filter results by link owner or multiple link owners. The drop-down menu will display the users in the Raven account that have created links.
  • Tag-specific views. If you want to see links that have been created using a specific tag or tags, make your selection from the drop-down menu. All the links that have been created in the Link Manager will be displayed.

All these options affect the Link Type Summary chart as well as the link details. Did you know that the Link Type Summary Chart and filtering criteria can be added or excluded from your report?

 1. Click the Show button under the Advance Options section to view further reporting options.
2. At the bottom of the Summary tab you’ll see Link Type Summary Chart and Report Filter Criteria and two buttons, “Visible’ and “Hidden”.

The Link Type Summary Chart allows you to make the summary pie chart on the front page visible or hidden. As for the Report Filter Criteria, which is the explanation of the criteria that was used in the report, it can also be displayed or hidden from the report.

The example provided shows the criteria used for this report. As you make your selection at the top right corner of the module Raven shows the number of results found. On this particular example there are 10 links that align with the criteria chosen.


This is what the report will display if the Link Type Summary Chart and Report Filter Criteria are set to “Visible”.


So you can opt to include both the Link Type Summary Chart and the Report Filter Criteria, just one of them or neither.


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