Did you know? Set up recurring tasks in Raven's Task Manager

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Did you know? Set up recurring tasks in Raven’s Task Manager

We recently announced updates to tasks and messages in Raven.

There used to be only two types of tasks: one-time and scheduled.

Now there are three.

Introducing the resetting task…

Say you want a frequent reminder to interact with someone on Twitter, but it doesn’t have to be done on an exact schedule. Set up a resetting task!

When adding a task, you can now select three types of tasks using the Recurring Task menu.

One-time task: Select “No” to create a one-time task. This task will not recur.

Resetting task (This one’s new): Select “Yes, reset task upon completion” to create a resetting task. This task will trigger a new task each time the most recent task is completed rather than being triggered by time.

Scheduled task: Select “Yes, create new scheduled task” to create a scheduled task. In Raven, scheduled tasks are tasks that have a regular frequency, such as monthly, weekly or daily. These are triggered by time.

How to create a resetting task

Here are the steps.

    1. Click the Task Manager icon.
    2. Click the Add Task button.
    3. Fill out the task fields and select “Yes, reset task upon completion” under Recurring Task. The Due In field must be set to 1 day or more.


  1. Click on the Create Task button.

Huzzah! Enjoy the added functionality.

What are other ways resetting tasks could be used? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Bretteo

    Looks like a great addition!

  • http://twitter.com/RavenCourtney Courtney Seiter

    Michael, can you tell us more about what you/re looking for? http://raventools.com/feature-requests

  • Michael

    I love it. This will help save some time. Next I’d love to be able to create a series of repeating tasks…..