Did You Know? Yes, Raven has an API

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Did You Know? Yes, Raven has an API

Raven’s database contains ranking results for thousands of keywords, including the keywords that you are tracking on your account. While this information is available in the Raven SERP Tracker (found at Metrics > Ranking), you can also access the data through Raven’s REST API (it can be returned in XML or JSON format).

In addition to gathering ranking data, you can also use the API to add websites and/or keywords to—or remove them from—your Raven account.

Raven API keys are unique to each profile you have set up on your account. To activate your API key, go to Main Settings (the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner) > Profile Manager and click on the name of the profile you want the API key for.

Raven Tools API

Scroll down to the API Key section and click the green “Get API Key” button.

Raven Tools API

Your API key will be generated, and you will now have the option to request a new one or remove the key entirely. Links to the API documentation and testing tool are also made available once your API key has been generated.

Raven Tools API

The Raven API endpoint is https://api.raventools.com/api, and the methods available include:

  • Domain Keyword Rank
  • Domain All Keyword Rank
  • (List Profile) Domains
  • Domain Keyword Rank Maximum Week Available
  • (List) Engines
  • Profile Info
  • (View) Domain Info
  • Remove Domain
  • Add Domain
  • Add Keyword
  • Remove Keyword
  • (List) Competitors
  • (List) Keywords

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