Did You Know? Raven's Facebook Metrics: Reach

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Did You Know? Raven’s Facebook Metrics: Reach

During the last couple of weeks the focus of our “Did you Know” column has been Facebook metrics within Raven.

The purpose of this series is to give you a better understanding of all the data that we provide so you can fine tune your Facebook strategy and explain the metrics to clients as well.

So far we have talked about the Summary tab and the Likes tab.

This week we will be talking about the Reach section.

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The Reach tab helps you understand who you are reaching and how you reached them. It measures visitors who have seen either your page or any content you have posted during the reporting period. This tab is divided into three sections: Who You Reached (Demographic and Location), How You Reached People (Reach and Frequency) and Visits to Your Page.

Remember, all the data you’ll see for these metrics is based on the date range you select at the top of the page.

Who You Reached


This graph identifies the percentage of people who saw content about your Page. It is broken down by age, defining several age groups, and gender (male and female). This data is based on what Facebook users enter in their profile.

When viewing these metrics directly in the application, you can hover over any of the data points to find the exact male and female reach for any given group.


How You Reached People

In this section you can see how often your content is reaching your fan base. This graph shows how many times fans viewed content about your Page during a given date range.


This data is broken down by the number of people, which is represented by the total on the bar, and the number of times people viewed content about your page at the bottom. Hover over any of the data points to see totals for each.


For instance, the example above is telling us that 3,001 people viewed one piece of content about this page during the date range specified.

Visits to Your Page


This section focuses specifically on the number of times your page was viewed. The total number of people that visited your page are shown (as Unique Visitors) for each day within the given date range.

Hover over any of the data points to view the exact number of Unique Visitors or Page Views for a particular day.

Towards the bottom of the page you will find two charts of additional related metrics.

  • Tabs: This chart provides information on the number of times tabs on your page were viewed. The Timeline is also included here, along with custom tabs. This metrics will help you determine if fans are seeing your custom content.
  • External Referrals: This chart focuses on the external websites that brought traffic to your Facebook page.

Raven’s Facebook metrics series

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