Did you know? Order Textbroker content in Raven

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Did you know? Order Textbroker content in Raven

Yes, content is king – but what if you don’t have the time or the resources to create quality, SEO-driven articles for your website? That’s where Raven and Textbroker come in. We integrate with the custom content ordering system to make requesting and receiving the content you need a snap.

To begin, head over to Content > Textbroker. If you haven’t ordered Textbroker content through Raven before, you’ll see a message letting you know that you’ll need to request access the first time you click the Order Article button. Click the link and one of our Support staff will get in touch with you to confirm the necessary information and grant your account Textbroker access.

Once your account has been approved, you can begin submitting orders for Textbroker content.

Select the language you’d like the article to be written in and the category of the article’s subject matter, and then enter a title, any SEO keywords you’d like the author to focus on (all article orders require at least one keyword) and a description to guide the author. When entering your description, be as detailed as possible about the content you’d like to receive but don’t enter personal contact information. Textbroker will reject any article requests that include personal information in the description field.

Next, enter the word count range you’d like for your article by filling in the minimum and maximum word count fields. Textbroker costs are based on the number of words you request, but you’ll never pay for more than your maximum number of requested words. So, for example, if you request an article with a maximum of 500 words but receive a 600-word article, you’ll still only pay for 500 words.

Textbroker articles in Raven are billed at 5 cents per word and are based on a Textbroker quality level of 4, which results in a delivered article that’s either a level 4 or 5, with 5 being the highest quality level offered by Textbroker (more on the 1-5 scale is here).

Select the checkbox agreeing to the charge the order will incur and click the Order Article button to submit your request to Textbroker for review.

If you make a mistake or change your mind, you’ll have the option to delete the article request up until the point that it has been accepted by Textbroker. To delete a request, go to Content > Textbroker and click the Delete link next to the article request you would like to cancel in the Options column. The status will change to DELETED after you confirm your intent to delete it.

Once your order has been approved by Textbroker, you’ll be notified of its progress according to your notification preferences set up in Raven (go to Preferences > Change Notifications to ensure you have Textbroker alerts enabled).

Textbroker-approved articles are placed into a pool for their authors to pick up. Once an author has picked up a request, he or she has 24 hours to write the article and submit it for your review. If the author does not meet the 24-hour deadline, the article request goes back into the pool for another author to select. Once a new author picks up the request, the 24-hour deadline starts over again.

When your article is listed as Ready, you can either accept it as-is or request revisions be made (revisions will not cost you any extra money). Once you approve the article, it’ll be saved in Raven’s Content Manager tool (Content > Content Manager), where you can analyze and edit it in preparation for publishing on your website or blog. If you’ve authorized a WordPress blog in Raven’s Blog Manager, you can send the content to the Blog Manager.

You might notice your Textbroker request’s status updating several times throughout the process. As Raven is notified of the article’s progress from Textbroker, we’ll keep you updated in the Status column. The most common statuses you’ll see include:

  • Textbroker Accepted: Textbroker has approved your article request for an author to pick up. The order has not been selected by an author and currently is not under the 24-hour time deadline.
  • Working: An author has picked up the article and is currently working on it. The author will have 24 hours to complete the order.
  • Ready: The article is ready for you to review.
  • Accepted: You’ve accepted the article or the article has been auto-accepted. (An article is auto-accepted after three days.)
  • Delivered: The article has been delivered and has been added to the content section of Raven (Content > Content Manager).

For a full list of Textbroker article status definitions, visit our Knowledge Base.

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  • RavenCourtney

    Hi Peter,
    The price of TextBroker content differs by “quality levels,” of which I believe there are 5. We only work with the two highest quality levels, which means the prices you’ll see will be higher than TextBroker’s minimum level.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.oliver.9674 Peter Oliver

    Can you please confirm that the cost per word for a Textbroker article ordered from Raven is 5c? Which is a markup of over 100% from the 2.2c it would be charged if you ordered directly from Textbroker?