Did You Know? Moving a website from one profile to another in Raven

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Did You Know? Moving a website from one profile to another in Raven

One of Raven’s most valuable features is helping you organize your data. Profiles and websites were built to make it easier to keep data by client, project or team member. You decide how best to organize data for your organization and the type of work you do.

A website can only be in one profile. Sometimes, you need to move a website to a different profile. It might be under the wrong profile; a member of your team might have taken over one of the sites you managed; or perhaps you want to merge all of your existing sites into the same profile. Did you know that you can move the website to another profile with a click of a button?

First you will need to make sure you are viewing the website that you want to move. In this particular example we want to move test.net, which is currently under the profile named Demo Profile.

Raven Demo Account

Go to Site > Settings. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the More section.

From the drop-down menu, select the profile where you want to move your website. In this case we are moving test.net to Support.

Move the site to another Raven Profile

Click on the Move Website button. Our website test.net has successfully been moved to the new profile we selected.

Displaying the new profile name


Once a website has been moved to a new profile, it is not accessible through the old profile. If you can still access the website under the old profile, your website did not get moved successfully.


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