Did You Know? Move Twitter Accounts Between Websites

Twitter Bird

One of the most common questions we get in our support inbox is about how to move data from one website to another. Sometimes you need to remake your website to fit with how your Google Webmaster Tools account was set up. Maybe you’re changing domain names and want to hold onto that data. It happens.

For many of our tools, like Link Manager and Keyword Manager, you can simply export the data out of Raven and then import it back into the new domain. But Twitter is a bit different. If you want to keep your historic Twitter data, you need to preserve your Twitter account as it is – setting it up again will reset you back at square one. Luckily, we’ve figured out a trick to help you with this task.

Here’s how to move Twitter accounts between websites in your Raven account.

1. Navigate to Social > Twitter.

Social Network - Twitter2. Click the drop down menu containing your authorized Twitter accounts and select Manage Accounts.

Twitter - Manage Accounts3. Click the gear icon next to the Twitter account you want to move and choose Move to Profile Accounts. This will make your account available to all Websites in your Profile.

Twitter - Move to Profile Accounts4. Navigate to the Website that you want to move your Twitter account to. Be sure that you’re choosing a Website that is in the same Profile as the original.

5. On the same Manage Accounts page, find the Twitter account you want to move and click the gear icon next to it.

6. Select the Move to Website Accounts option.

Reauthorize Twitter

Once you’ve switched your Twitter account’s access permissions back down to the Website level, it will now be anchored to your new Website – with all of your historic data intact. This should also preserve any pending tweets and scheduled post history as well.

You can only move Twitter accounts between Websites in the same Profile. If you want to move a Twitter account to another Profile, you will first need to move the Website to the appropriate Profile using the option in Site > Settings, then follow the above steps before moving the Website back.