Did You Know? Move a Twitter account to a new website

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Did You Know? Move a Twitter account to a new website

For many of our users, Raven is a one-stop shop for social media management. Once your Twitter and Facebook accounts are authorized, you can schedule and post updates, monitor and participate in conversations and view metrics.

But what happens if you need to move your account to a different website within Raven? With Facebook this isn’t a big deal, but Twitter data is only available beginning the day you authorized the account within Raven. So if your company’s URL has changed and you created a new website in Raven, or if you authorized your Twitter account on the wrong website initially, you risk losing all of the metrics you’ve collected in Raven so far for that account.

If you find yourself needing to move a Twitter (or Facebook) account to a different website, Raven offers a way to do so without losing your data – as long as the websites are under the same profile.

Profile accounts vs. website accounts
In Raven, authorized Twitter accounts can be deemed website accounts or profile accounts. By default, all newly authorized Twitter accounts are available only to the website you authorized it on, but if you have multiple websites set up for a client and want their Twitter feed and metrics to be available on all of them, you can change it to a profile account.

Moving a Twitter account to a new website
In this example, we’ll move the Raven Tools Twitter account from the gaconfig.com website to the raventools.com website we have set up in our Raven account. Because both websites are under the same profile, we’ll be able to move the Twitter account over without losing any previously collected data.

Moving a Twitter account in Raven

The first step in moving the account to a new website is to make sure it’s set up as a profile account. To do this, go to Social > Twitter and choose “Manage accounts” from the drop-down menu (or click on Twitter Accounts in the breadcrumbs).

Moving Twitter in Raven

The page that you’re taken to will show all of the Twitter accounts authorized for the current website, as well as any accounts available across all websites on the profile.

Moving Twitter in Raven

To make the Twitter account available to all websites on the profile, click the Move to profile accounts link. A new table will appear showing the account is now set up as a profile account.

Moving Twitter accounts in Raven

Then choose the website you’d like to move the Twitter account to from the website drop-down menu at the top right of Raven, and go to Social > Twitter. Click Twitter Accounts in the breadcrumbs, and you’ll see the Twitter account you just moved available as a profile account.

You can leave it as a profile account, but note that it will be available to all websites on that profile. If it doesn’t make sense for the Twitter account to be available to all websites, or if you have sub-users with access to only certain websites on the profile and they don’t need access to the Twitter account, you can click the “Move to domain accounts” link to make it only available to that particular website.

Moving Twitter in Raven

If you decide later that you’d like to move the account to another website on the profile, or make it available to all websites on the profile, you can click “Move to profile accounts” again.

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